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Digital Category

  • D&AD Awards 2020

Marketing communications that primarily make use of creative ideas, technology, data and digital platforms.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1101 - Integrated Digital Campaigns

    Integrated campaigns that run primarily on digital platforms. This could include websites, display advertising and social media, apps, data or creative technology. Offline parts are accepted if they work with the digital components.
  • 1102 - Campaign Websites

    Websites, landing pages, brochure and microsites launched as part of a promotional campaign, not a brand’s main site. To enter submit a URL that will be live and accessible from the UK until June 2020.
  • 1103 - Display & Social Advertising

    Display advertising, paid social and paid search. For example banners, pop-ups, sponsored posts, video ads, pre-rolls, takeovers, competitions and Google AdWords. Short form branded content should be entered into the Film Advertising category.
  • 1104 - Branded Apps & Games

    Apps and mobile games that are branded or have a commercial component but are not the main business app of a product or service. Could be played online or downloaded.
  • 1105 - In-Game Advertising

    Advertising within computer, video, online or mobile games. Includes in-game billboards, gamification components, product placement that are part of the game narrative, selective ads, incentivised ads and the use of ad gating.
  • 1106 - Use of Micro-Talent/Influencers

    Campaigns that use micro-talent or micro-influencers - those with niche audiences or a lower count of followers - to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1107 - Use of Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use popular social media influencers or celebrities, usually with a following of 100,000+, to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1108 - Use of Trends & Tactical Marketing

    Marketing in the form of newsjacking. Combines creative ideas and a breaking news story or a trending topic to generate maximum coverage and social media engagement for a brand, leading to an immediate impact.
  • 1109 - Creative Use of Social Media

    Advertising that uses a social media platform's time delay, algorithm, censoring rules, functionality or formats. Standard social media advertising should be entered into the Display & Social Advertising category.
  • 1110 - Creative Use of Technology

    Marketing that uses technology or machine learning to push the boundaries of creativity. Includes deep tech and machine learning for targeting or engaging with audiences. You will need to show how the use of technology has directly contributed to commercial success.
  • 1111 - Creative Use of AI

    Digital marketing that uses AI to push the boundaries of creativity. Includes the use of AI in writing the creative brief, scripting and generating commercials, producing insight and engaging with audiences (e.g. chatbots, voice assistants). You will need to show how the use of AI has directly contributed to commercial success.
  • 1112 - Creative Use of Data

    Creative campaigns that use data to enhance the idea, amplify brand narrative, drive commercial success or improve customer experience, online or offline. This could include internal or external data; big data, real time data or competitive data.
  • 1113 - Creative e-Commerce

    Innovation in mobile e-commerce experiences, social components, personalised shopping experiences, chatbots or creative brand collaborations on bespoke product development to maximise sales.
  • 1114 - Cohesive Use of Physical & Digital

    Advertising that uses physical and digital component(s) in tandem to engage with a user and deliver a marketing message.
  • 1115 - Creative Use of Writing

    Copy written for digital advertising in order to effectively drive performance of the communication. Includes websites, banners, pop-ups, mobile ads, campaign sites, digital services, games, mobile sites, apps and social media. Only for work that was commercially released in English. This is to ensure that the writing is judged fairly, not based on translations.

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