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D&AD Festival 2024 Programme

      • 09:00–10:00

        Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p>Doors open, breakfast and networking</p>

        Doors open, breakfast and networking

      • 10:00–10:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Making the outrageous possible: how Impossible and JKR&nbsp;are engaging meat lovers in the plant-based movement</strong></p>

        Making the outrageous possible: how Impossible and JKR are engaging meat lovers in the plant-based movement

        Lisa Smith, Leslie Sims

      • Impossible is on a mission to get meat-enthusiasts everywhere eating meat from plants. Big ask, right? So how do you make it happen? Simple. Flip the audience and start talking to meat-lovers. Reposition the brand as the ‘meatiest’ version of itself yet––one that’s at home in the meat aisle and showing up in the cultural moments that meat-lovers, well, love. No more compromises — just a bold celebration of what the brand is and always has been.

      • 10:00–10:50

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Impact, sponsored by HP Industrial Graphics</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Impact, sponsored by HP Industrial Graphics

        Sujata Burman, Chloë Davies, Ali Rez, Priya Prakash, Paco Conde

      • Take a deep dive into the creative work that’s driving positive change today. Join D&AD Impact judges as they discuss their favourite work from the Future Impact, Impact, and new Sustained Impact categories.

      • 10:30–12:00

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>Branding beyond the bento box</strong></p>

        Branding beyond the bento box

        Chris Moody

      • It increasingly seems that all brand identities can be summed up as little bento boxes of graphics, which fit neatly on an Instagram feed. This workshop aims to look beyond the algorithm and think more deeply about what it takes to build a brand, giving design teams the tools, tricks and training to make brand expressions which live, breathe and last.

      • 10:55–11:20

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Big data energy</strong></p>

        Big data energy

        Tara McKenty

      • How to put new energy into stale data sets for the good of the diversity. As the world continues to automate and algorithmic bias, exclusionary data sets, and unfair outcomes for underrepresented communities become more prominent, how can we negate stale, homogeneous, datasets and use them for our communities and not against them?

        This session will unpack how technology can aid in measuring the hardest data of all, diversity data. Chief Innovation Officer Tara McKenty will reveal, for the first time, a study unpacking D&AD award entrant data which demonstrates how technology can contemporise our data sets and help us understand more about ourselves, our communities, and the greater contribution we can make to the creative industry and beyond.

      • 11:00–11:40

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Imaginations of AI</strong></p>

        Imaginations of AI

        Matt Alagiah, Gaby Pearl, Michelle Higa Fox, Amelie Dinh, Alexa Sirbu

      • Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly impacted numerous facets of our lives. Yet, public perception of AI is often shaped by popular culture – visions of benevolent helpers or dystopian overlords. This panel brings together leading voices from the creative industry to explore how these actively shape our evolving perceptions of AI through visual storytelling and imaginative world-building.
        ​They will discuss the responsibility of creators to portray AI in ways that are nuanced and thought-provoking, moving beyond simplistic tropes. The panel will emphasize the ongoing need for human creativity and ingenuity to fuel better imaginations of AI, and help foster understanding and critical dialogue around this transformative technology.

      • 11:25–11:55

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>GANNI | Responsibility gameplan and fabrics of the future</strong></p>

        GANNI | Responsibility gameplan and fabrics of the future

        Priya Matadeen

      • Working with material innovations to create the GANNI Fabrics of the Future programme and ultimately reach our Sustainability goals.

      • 11:40–12:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Transforming brands, sponsored by Frontify</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Transforming brands, sponsored by Frontify

        Jamie Madge, Liu Zhao, Emma Follett, Camila Moletta, Michael Johnson, Jess Marie

      • What are the major ways brands have evolved over the past year? Judges from Branding, Packaging Design and Creative Transformation gather to discuss the current landscape of the branding industry.

      • 12:00–12:30

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Uniting natural and artificial intelligence in advertising: how to win in conditions of uncertainty</strong></p>

        Uniting natural and artificial intelligence in advertising: how to win in conditions of uncertainty

        Priya Prakash

      • Picture this: You get a brief for a top food delivery brand. It's a cutthroat market with tight margins, soaring labor expenses, and dwindling customer loyalty. Your task? Connect authentically, be transparent about the industry hurdles to differentiate the brand —All while maximizing ad ROI on a shoestring budget.
        ​This talk will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of modern design challenges by effectively combining the strengths of artificial and natural intelligence, ensuring that you can innovate with confidence and create work that truly makes a difference.

      • 12:30–13:00

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>How design should include everyone</strong></p>

        How design should include everyone

        Sinéad Burke

      • 'How Design Should Include Everyone', is a deliberate evolvement from Sinéad Burke's acclaimed 2017 TED Talk. Reflecting on three years as CEO of her accessibility consultancy, Tilting the Lens, Sinéad delves into the efforts made to create systemic change through accessibility, by design. With unresolved questions from her TED talk, she will explore the 'how', using key case studies from partnerships with Gucci, Smirnoff, and British Vogue. Sinéad will provide a practical framework for inclusive design, ensuring that we all move from awareness to action.

      • 12:30–14.00

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>Creativity and access: the importance of inclusive design</strong></p>

        Creativity and access: the importance of inclusive design

        Isabella Giorgio, Devadarsini Arulsrinivash

      • Challenge your assumptions and demystify inclusive and accessible content creation in this interactive workshop brought to you by Sightsavers. You’ll gain valuable tools and lessons to prioritise diversity and inclusion in your design and creative projects.

      • 12:35–12:55

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>The opportunity crisis &mdash; the junior creative&rsquo;s narrative</strong></p>

        The opportunity crisis — the junior creative’s narrative

        Lánre Adeleye

      • Junior creatives are facing an opportunity crisis in the creative industry. The road to success is riddled with challenges and roadblocks, creating a daunting landscape to navigate.
        ​However, within these struggles lies the potential for transformation. This session is a rallying cry for change, drawing from real conversations with aspiring talents around the world. By addressing the struggles head-on and embracing innovative solutions, we can pave the way for a brighter future for junior creatives and rewrite the narrative and forge a path of opportunity and success.

      • 13:00–13:30

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Humanising brands with creativity</strong></p>

        Humanising brands with creativity

        Yasuharu Sasaki

      • When consumers cause action, it's most likely not because they want to solve a brand's problem. It's when they are moved by instinct or emotion. It's a human action. Yasu Sasaki, Global CCO at dentsu will share the thinking behind some successful cases and share how we can create 'emotional infrastructures' and touch people's hearts. The session will demonstrate how to bring a human touch to brands in this age of AI.

      • 14:00–14:40

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Peter Saville: Authorship and creating icons</strong></p>

        Peter Saville: Authorship and creating icons

        Peter Saville, Laura Havlin (interviewer)

      • A pit-stop journey through the work that defines a creative practice.

      • 14:30–15:20

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Entertainment, sponsored by TikTok</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Entertainment, sponsored by TikTok

        Adam Woodward, Dora Osinde, Hubert Trinkunas, Laurel Stark Akman, Rupert Reynolds-Maclean, Joey David Tiempo

      • Discover the work that moved and entertained at D&AD Awards 2024, as Judges from Entertainment, Gaming & Virtual Worlds, and Music Videos discuss their top picks and trends in the creative industry today.

      • 14:30–16:00

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>Unlocking creative synergy with AI?</strong></p>

        Unlocking creative synergy with AI?

        Dr Shama Rahman

      • Creativity is an art and science - working with AI to enhance our creative process can benefit from the same approach. In this workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of how your mind works with the neuroscience of creativity, in order to get hands-on with practical frameworks integrating AI in your day-to-day creative workflow.

      • 14:40–15:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Photography now</strong></p>

        Photography now

        Alessia Glaviano, Ashleigh Kane (host), Campbell Addy, Delali Ayivi

      • In a panel hosted by photography consultant Ashleigh Kane, photographers Campbell Addy, Delali Ayivi, and Bryan Huynh are joined by PhotoVogue founder Alessia Glaviano to discuss their craft, careers and the forces affecting photography in 2024.

      • 15:25–16:10

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Take a winning chance on LGBTQIA+ inclusive marketing</strong></p>

        Take a winning chance on LGBTQIA+ inclusive marketing

        Mark Runacus, Kendra Rogers, Anna McInally

      • The LGBTQIA+ community is a vibrant and receptive audience for advertisers, in fact, LGBTQIA+ audiences have a higher level of expectation of advertising and are often the bellwethers of consumer trends. This session will showcase key findings from the Outvertising Consumer Report and a snapshot of a range of commercial sectors where there are opportunities to connect with the LGBTQIA+ community and their friends, families, and allies. The panel will feature a best-in-class case study in LGBTQIA+ inclusive marketing and creative excellence from the National Lottery, with helpful advice on how to win with impact. The session will cover the cultural, commercial, and category dynamics that are foundational to developing messages, experiences, and products that will resonate.

      • 15:40–16:20

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>A prometheus forgery: the craft of puppet making</strong></p>

        A prometheus forgery: the craft of puppet making

        Andy Gent

      • Take a look behind the scenes of the craft of creating a person, animal, or creature by hand from inanimate objects and materials. Join the award-winning puppet-maker behind work such as Save Ralph, Wes Andersons' Asteroid City, and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, for a presentation on the process of design fabrication and the use of puppets to communicate ideas, emotions, and actions.

      • 16:15–16:40

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>The soundtrack of culture</strong></p>

        The soundtrack of culture

        Dann Liebermann

      • This talk investigates how brands are embracing authenticity through strategic partnerships with recording artists, highlighting case studies and best practices that demonstrate the power of genuine collaborations to cut through the noise, drive brand relevance, and leave a lasting impact on audiences.

      • 16:20–16:50

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>GRWM&nbsp;to change advertising forever</strong></p>

        GRWM to change advertising forever

        Karl Haddad

      • Explore ways to unlock the power of the FYP for brands and agencies and find out how two industry giants — TikTok and D&AD — are teaming up to reshape the advertising landscape and flip the traditional ad campaign framework on its head.

      • 16:30–18:00

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>Finding your true authentic self</strong></p>

        Finding your true authentic self

        Reeha Alder

      • Join this uplifting workshop to boost confidence in living a healthier and happier life without masks. Reeha will share her journey to finding her true authentic self through all the highs and lows of her life from being excluded due to her ethnicity to managing a chronic health condition caused by stress and anxiety. You will leave with practical tools to help guide you through your own journey of self-discovery with health and balance at the heart.

      • 16:45–17:20

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>White canvas or black mirror</strong></p>

        White canvas or black mirror

        Jouke Vuurmans

      • Learning to master the weird mix of Anxiety & Excitement that innovation, the AI revolution in particular, is generating on us. You need both to innovate, yet it’s a fine line between progress or stagnation. Not to spoil it all, but Creativity will lead the way!

      • 16:50–17:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Changing landscapes: tech &amp; creativity</strong></p>

        Changing landscapes: tech & creativity

        Razik Darji, Ali Mohamoud, Nene Parsotam, Daniel Hulme, Anissa Payne, Kladi Vergine

      • In an age where artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are enhancing human capabilities, we find ourselves at the forefront of a new cultural and global transformation. Unlike the past, where significant shifts occurred over years, we now navigate through changes that unfold weekly. This rapid evolution often brings apprehension, yet AI and technology stand as the vanguard of this change. The question then arises: How can we harness these advancements to work in harmony with us, rather than in opposition? Human creativity, with its powerful emotional connection and boundary-pushing potential, plays an important role in this discussion. Join us as we explore the symbiosis of creativity and technology in the digital era, exploring how we can leverage this powerful partnership to shape our future.

      • 17:25–18:00

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Me and you and everyone we know&hellip;</strong></p>

        Me and you and everyone we know…

        Malika Favre

      • In this talk, Malika looks at her illustration career through the prism of the people she met along the way. From family to lifelong friends and random encounters, she takes us on a creative journey deeply nurtured by human connections.

      • 17:30–18:00

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Ten things that made me feel I had to do better</strong></p>

        Ten things that made me feel I had to do better

        Walter Campbell

      • Some ads get more attention than others. Why? Could it be that part of that outcome is driven by the fact that these ads express a greater desire to be loved? Walter Campbell looks at ads, he feels exhibit this heightened longing to connect. Ads that present themselves a little like that puppy in the litter that catches your eye because its tail wiggles more than the others. It jumps over the other pups to get to you and says, 'Hello, have you noticed how much I love you?' That little rascal is the one that gets to go home with you.

      • 09:00–10:00

        Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p>Doors open, breakfast and networking</p>

        Doors open, breakfast and networking

      • 10:00–10:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Film with Feels&hellip;in conversation with Noam Murro</strong></p>

        Film with Feels…in conversation with Noam Murro

        Chaka Sobhani

      • President of this years film jury, Chaka Sobhani, talks to acclaimed director Noam Murro about the importance of film that makes you feel. With so many new places and spaces for film to exist, how do we keep creating films that are truly emotional and that connect with audiences, wherever they appear.

        Over the last two decades, Noam Murro has directed award-winning spots for brands across the globe, picking up awards from D&AD, Cannes Lions, AICP, and The One Show along the way. He has been nominated for DGA Director of the Year seven times and took home the honour twice, he has also been voted #1 director of the year in Campaign Magazine.

      • 10:00–11:30

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>Designing our way to a sustainable future</strong></p>

        Designing our way to a sustainable future

        Jo Barnard

      • The creative industries have one of the most important tools for accelerating the response to the climate emergency; imagination. This workshop will unpack how the role of the design is pivotal in creating planet-conscious solutions to what is ultimately the greatest brief of our time.

      • 10:15–10:45

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Today, creatives fear AI will take their jobs, tomorrow they won&rsquo;t work without it</strong></p>

        Today, creatives fear AI will take their jobs, tomorrow they won’t work without it

        Tim Rodgers, Callum Gill

      • Human creativity is irreplaceable, but the Generative AI explosion provides enormous opportunity for creative professionals to be more versatile and effective. But in a sea of noise, lookalike platforms, tools and outrageous claims, how do we zero in on the real value? In this talk Rehab Agency will share insights gained from over five years of working with Generative AI and implementing creative tools, AI-driven concepts and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for some of the world's biggest brands like Google, Meta, Nike and Spotify.

      • 10:30–11:20

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Graphics &amp; type design</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Graphics & type design

        Amah-Rose Abrams, Tyrone Ohia, Sulekha Rajkumar, Rosey Trickett, Andi Rahmat, Liron Lavi Turkenich

      • Get a window into the Graphic Design and Type jury discussions, from what the jurors loved in 2024, to what’s trending.

      • 10:50–11:40

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Luxury</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Luxury

        Lucy Cleland, Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, Boyoung Lee, Roshnee Desai, Chris Graves, Michael Grieve

      • What does creative excellence look like applied to luxury brands? The inaugural D&AD Luxury jury will share their thoughts, as they unpack what they saw in judging, and their thoughts on the sector at large.

      • 11:00–13:00

        Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Creative Climate Chats: Exploring Advertising and Impact</strong></p>

        Creative Climate Chats: Exploring Advertising and Impact

      • Come and chat to Impact Council Members, Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Co-Founder of Kin, and Mr Goodvertising, Thomas Kolster, about all things creativity, careers & impact. There will be a sign up sheet to reserve a 15-minute session with them at the information desk. We look forward to seeing you there!

      • 11:30–12:10

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>World building: how to make the future irresistible</strong></p>

        World building: how to make the future irresistible

        Brian Collins, Leland Maschmeyer

      • As creative spirits, we love change. We seek it. We drive it. But, generally speaking, people have a love / hate relationship with change. Not always in equal parts. So how do we get people excited about a new, future state? "Seeing is believing,” as they say. This is the purpose of brand world-building. This talk is a “how to” of world-building that blends lessons from World Builders in literature, politics, religion, and more to teach each of us how to make the futures we see so irresistible, that they become inevitable.

      • 12:00–13:30

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>You be the judge!</strong></p>

        You be the judge!

        Arif Haq

      • Big brands are big because they efficiently scale their efforts consistently across thousands of team members worldwide. But how do consistency, scale and efficiency deal with creativity and thinking differently? In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the secret creative evaluation tool used by the world’s biggest brands, before putting into practise during a live scoring session where you’ll be the judge!

      • 12:10–13:00

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Beyond boundaries and binaries: world building in the metaverse</strong></p>

        Beyond boundaries and binaries: world building in the metaverse

        Amy Dick (panel host), Leanne Elliott Young, Suhair Khan, Kadine James

      • A conversation exploring the transformative potential of blockchain, web3, and related technologies as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and societal change. Referencing the world of art, fashion and entertainment, we’ll consider the inflection point storytelling across emergent technology brings us to – and why it matters for audiences, brands – and culture as a whole.

      • 12:20–13:00

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>How I became the President of D&amp;AD</strong></p>

        How I became the President of D&AD

        Jack Renwick, Charles Parkinson (co-host), Ashley Samuels-McKenzie (co-host)

      • Join us on a captivating live episode of the "How I Became" podcast, as we explore the inspiring journey of Jack Renwick, the current president of D&AD and the Founder and Creative Director of Jack Renwick Studio. This live episode, we'll delve into Jack's formative years in Glasgow, tracing her path from a resilient childhood through to her influential career in graphic design.

      • 13:30–14:00

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Creativity &amp; the corporate beast</strong></p>

        Creativity & the corporate beast

        Andrew Sandoz

      • Exploring the wider and democratic creative canvas in big business and how your creativity can have an outsized impact across the entire organisation and beyond. A big journey through brand & experience design, graphic/advertising communications, the art of the idea and the AI of it all.

      • 13:45–14:30

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Unlock the brand power of fandoms</strong></p>

        Unlock the brand power of fandoms

        Roger Dudler (moderator), Jordan Giesler, Oana Vlad, Tosh Hall

      • Explore the synergy between brands and fan communities in our panel at D&AD Festival. Speakers from the Kansas City Chiefs and JKR will delve into the world of sports fandoms and provide actionable insights into how brands can leverage them to build long-term brand success.

      • 14:05–15:00

        Purcell Room

        — <p><strong>Jury insights: Crafting excellence</strong></p>

        Jury insights: Crafting excellence

        Amy Frearson, Juliane Ellrich, Carol Dunn, Liz Unna, Bart Yates, Koushik Sarkar

      • Join jurors from our Craft juries to find out what creative excellence looked like in Animation, Direction and Sound Design & Music in 2024.

      • 14:30–15:00

        Queen Elizabeth Hall

        — <p><strong>Ted Lasso X FIFA23. How the **** did that happen?</strong></p>

        Ted Lasso X FIFA23. How the **** did that happen?

        Malcolm Poynton, Ben Prout, Kevin Strunk

      • Join us as Gaming & Virtual Worlds jury President, Malcolm Poynton invites EASports’ Ben Prout & Kevin Sprunk to spill the tea on how the virtually impossible idea of Ted Lasso x FIFA23 became a reality. Find out why putting the world’s most awarded comedy TV show into the world’s biggest, most serious sports game was no joke. What it takes to impress gamers who don’t like their favourite games being messed with. And why paying attention to the details pays off, big time.

      • 14:30–16:00

        St Paul's Pavilion

        — <p><strong>The power of co-creation: transforming brands for sustainable impact</strong></p>

        The power of co-creation: transforming brands for sustainable impact

        Thomas Kolster, Abel Sanchez-Hermosilla, Guy Bibi

      • Join our workshop with Thomas Kolster, the mastermind behind Goodvertising and The Hero Trap, to unlock the power of co-creation for sustainable brand impact. Learn from real case studies, participate in a hands-on hackathon, and discover HP’s practical tools for execution. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your brand’s future.

      • 18:00–23:59

        Southbank Centre

        — <p><strong>D&amp;AD Awards Ceremony</strong></p>

        D&AD Awards Ceremony

      • The industry will gather together to recognise and award the finest creative minds from around the globe and announce our 2024 Pencil Winners.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Screening of Shortlisted Winning Work</strong></p>

        Screening of Shortlisted Winning Work

      • Be the first to see the shortlisted work from the 2024 D&AD Awards, screening live in the Queen Elizabeth Foyer.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>SloVR</strong></p>


      • Slo brings the most immersive VR wellness applications and simulations on the market directly into the workplace. Providing moments of calm to the lives of time-poor, wellness-driven, urban-based, creative professionals. Take a seat!

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Explore the D&amp;AD Awards 2024 Shortlist</strong></p>

        Explore the D&AD Awards 2024 Shortlist

      • Take some time to plug in and explore the shortlisted work at your own pace at dedicated stations in the foyer.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Denstu Creative</strong></p>

        Denstu Creative

      • Throughout the festival, Dentsu Creative will allow attendees to look forward into their creative futures in an innovative ai-enabled photobooth. This quirky and fun fortune-teller experience has been specially crafted for the creative industries, inviting D&AD attendees to get ready to watch their future-self materialize before their eyes. By using their name, a snapshot taken in the booth, and current job title as essential ingredients, the booth will entertain those eager to unravel the secrets of their future.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Adobe</strong></p>


      • Join the Adobe community for a vibrant exhibition showcasing a collection of creative works from the world of Adobe. Meet Adobe Evangelists who will be available to answer your questions, and get hands on the latest AI innovations with Adobe Firefly.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>Festival Networking &amp; Happy Hour featuring Algorave</strong></p>

        Festival Networking & Happy Hour featuring Algorave

      • Experience Algorave, a unique blend of live coding and electronic music, creating beats and visuals on the fly. It's a night of innovation and fun, perfect for anyone curious about the future of music and digital art. With Ex-Shifter Razik Darji and Jasmine Rose Federer, Freelance Artist, Curator and Critic.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer

        — <p><strong>magCulture with Jeremy Leslie</strong></p>

        magCulture with Jeremy Leslie

      • magCulture is an online resource, a magazine shop, events producer and editorial consultancy. Come visit the pop-up stand in the foyer.

      • Queen Elizabeth Foyer


        — <p><strong>Plasticity</strong></p>


      • Creative Technologists Razik Darji and Jessie Liang's installation harnesses the power of EEG brainwave technology and motion tracking to allow visitors to create personalised real-time generative artwork and music.