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How we work

Our Team Training programmes can be shaped specifically to your needs. To create the right programme for you, we:

1. Run a diagnostic workshop to understand your team’s training need

2. Build a learning staircase with you including structure, content, timing & delivery

3. Deliver the team training in a setting and format to suit your team

4. Takeaways, summarise and links to the content are provided to embed the learning

How creative training can help your business

McKinsey has found effective reskilling tends to bring a productivity uplift of 6 to 12 percent (November 2021).

Skill building is more prevalent than it was prior to the pandemic, with 69 percent of organisations doing more skill building now than they did before the COVID-19 crisis (McKinsey, April 2021).

According to Harvard Business School (January 2022), Creativity and innovation are skills currently in demand and sought across multiple industries. This is largely because every industry has complex challenges that require creative solutions.

Team Credits

Let your team pick and choose the learning programme that’s right for them with our mix and match credit package. This option combines the ease of a one-off payment, with the freedom to pick and choose, and book places onto our individual courses that are right for each member of your team.

Accessible across our individual course programme, you can book up to 4 people from your team on any one date (subject to availability).

Find out more by contacting one of the team on masterclasses@dandad.org


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If you're interested in learning more about any of our Masterclasses, or have any related queries, please leave your details below and someone will be in touch shortly.

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