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Direct Category

  • D&AD Awards 2020

Direct marketing designed to elicit a direct response and/or target a specific audience. Could be on all types of platform for example online, radio, ambient, etc.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1201 - Direct Integrated Campaigns

    Fully integrated direct marketing campaigns that are executed across multiple platforms e.g. online, in print, TV and radio.
  • 1202 - Direct Mail

    Physical mail that targets a specific audience and/or seeks a response from the recipient. Includes door drops, letters, postcards and mail packs. You will be asked to select the volume when submitting your work, from very low volume (up to 500 pieces), low volume (501-10,000 pieces), medium volume (10,001-100,000 pieces) and high voulme (100,001+ pieces).
  • 1203 - Direct Response/Digital

    Direct digital communication including banners, campaign sites, social media campaigns, emails, apps and mobile ads.
  • 1204 - Direct Response/Radio & Audio

    Radio ads and audio marketing that drive a specific call to action and/or target a specific audience.
  • 1205 - Direct Response/Press & Poster

    Print ads, including press inserts and wraps, specifically designed to elicit a direct response from the target audience.
  • 1206 - Direct Response/Film

    Social, VOD, TV or cinema ads that drive a specific call to action and/or target a specific audience.
  • 1207 - Direct Response/Ambient

    Non-traditional, out-of-home direct marketing. May include stunts, special builds, street furniture, live events and pop-up shops.
  • 1208 - Direct Product & Service

    Products and services targeting specific audiences and eliciting a direct response.
  • 1209 - Direct Acquisition & Retention

    Direct campaigns that initiate a targeted drive towards a business, company, or product in order to establish a relationship with the consumer or encourage customer loyalty.
  • 1210 - Direct Innovation

    Work eliciting a direct response in a new and innovative way. Entries must demonstrate how the work has taken an existing direct method or platform and innovated it.
  • 1211 - Writing for Direct

    Writing for marketing communications in the form of direct mail, print, inserts and wraps, radio, audio, VOD, TV, cinema, mobile and social that elicits a direct response from the user. Only for work that was commercially released in English. This is to ensure that the writing is judged fairly, not based on translations.

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