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Product Design Category

  • D&AD Awards 2020

The design of physical commercial products, from homeware to transport to health and more. Judges will be looking for innovative product design.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 2701 - Homeware

    For example furniture, seating, lighting, utensils, tech-enabled connected products and decorative objects for domestic use.
  • 2702 - Everyday Consumer Products

    For example toothbrushes, hairdryers, pens, alarm clocks.
  • 2703 - Leisure & Sports

    For example sports equipment, camping equipment, pet products, connected products used for measuring health.
  • 2704 - Consumer & Wearable Technology

    Consumer technology includes (but is not limited to) TV and home entertainment, cameras, phones, computers and gaming consoles, device and accessories. Wearable technology includes (but is not limited to) headphones, watches, eyeglasses, pedometers, virtual reality sets and connected products.
  • 2705 - Assisted Living & Health

    Includes products and technology that help improve life at a personal level for the elderly and people with disabilities. Also includes personal health products such as smart thermometers, medicine dosing systems and rehabilitation tools.
  • 2706 - Workplace, Retail & Industrial

    Products designed for a professional setting, for example a factory, hospital or office. Includes health and medical equipment, furniture, seating, lighting, fittings, writing instruments and any other product created for use within the workplace.
  • 2707 - Public Space & Transport

    Furniture and products created for public settings for example hotels, parks, playgrounds, shops and restaurants. Includes street lighting, accessories and products for buses, cars, aviation, trains and boats.
  • 2708 - Sustainable

    A product with sustainability at its heart. For example, each component of the product is sustainably made, or it's recyclable, reusable, remanufactured or refurbished, or the product has longevity which reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be generated, for example reusable coffee cups.
  • 2709 - Prototypes

    Product prototypes that are commercially viable, practical and can be brought to market within six months. Products entered here can only be awarded up to the Wood Pencil level and cannot be submitted into other Product Design categories.
  • 2710 - Inclusive

    Products that are accessible to a range of users, regardless of ability, age, gender or other demographic. For example the product may have easy to use functions or only require one hand to use.
  • 2711 - Promotional

    Products that have been distributed as part of a promotional event, stunt or marketing campaign. Usually with a limited production run, and not sold or available commercially.

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