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Branding Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Design of individual brand elements and entire branding schemes. Includes new brand identities, brand refreshes, logos and methods of brand expression.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 2101 - New Branding Schemes

    A branding identity created for a previously unbranded organisation, product or service. The work should express the brand through multiple platforms.
  • 2102 - Brand Refresh

    A rebrand of an existing organisation, product or service. The work should express the brand through multiple platforms.
  • 2103 - Campaign Branding

    Branding for a specific marketing campaign or limited product line. Includes campaign identities and elements of them.
  • 2104 - Channel Branding

    Branding for TV channels, digital channels and programmes. Includes entire identities or elements of them, e.g. stings, idents, and sponsorship bumpers.
  • 2105 - Sonic Branding

    Sonic branding that appears across various customer touchpoints to tell a brand's story. Includes audio logos, sounds and jingles created specifically for brands, as well as music curation online and in-store that reinforces a brand's identity.
  • 2106 - Logos

    Single logos or families of logos. Could be static, in-motion, or both. Includes campaign logos.
  • 2107 - Activations

    Branding of an activation or series of activations that are authentic to a brand's identity and bring the brand to life. For example pop up shops, installations, retail events.
  • 2108 - Digital

    Branding that lives on digital platforms. For example websites, apps, games.
  • 2109 - Print

    Branded printed communications. For example stationery, catalogues, brand handbooks and packaging.
  • 2110 - Motion

    Branded moving image work. For example inflight films, corporate presentations, event graphics, motion graphics.
  • 2111 - Tactical

    New branding scheme, brand refresh or limited edition branding designed in response to current affairs, recent events or a trending topic.
  • 2112 - Low Budget

    For work considered low budget based on industry standards. You will need to state your budget and justify your reasons for entering here. Includes pro bono work for charities.

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