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Visual Effects Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Images, film or text manipulated or enhanced through digital, practical and/or in-camera effects. For commercial design, gaming and advertising projects.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 4101 - Colour Grading

    The enhancement and alteration of colour in moving image work, including colour correction and artistic colour effects.
  • 4102 - Compositing

    The combination of at least two visual elements, taken from separate sources and integrated into the same frame.
  • 4103 - Computer-Generated

    Computer generated effects applied during post-production.
  • 4104 - Practical Effects

    Effects created on-set such as explosions, pyrotechnics, atmospheric effects, prosthetics, scale models and mechanised props/set design. Includes in-camera effects that are achieved by manipulating the camera or its parts.
  • 4105 - New Realities & Emerging Media

    Visual effects where AR, VR, MR, AV or emerging media play a key role in bringing the idea to life. For cutting-edge work that's changing how brands use the craft to interact with consumers. Includes geofilters, branded Lenses, holograms.
  • 4106 - Low Budget

    For work considered low budget based on industry standards. You will need to state the production budget and justify your reasons for entering here. Includes pro bono work for charities.