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Digital Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Marketing communications that primarily make use of creative ideas, technology, data and digital platforms. E-Commerce work should be entered into the new E-Commerce category.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1001 - Integrated

    Integrated campaigns that run primarily on digital platforms.
  • 1002 - Websites

    Websites, microsites, landing pages and brochures launched to promote a product or service.
  • 1003 - Search & Display

    Search and display advertising. For example banners, pop-ups, sponsored posts, video ads, pre-rolls, takeovers, competitions and Google Ads.
  • 1004 - Social

    Advertising for social platforms. Includes work that uses a social media platform’s time delay, algorithm, censoring rules, functionality or formats.
  • 1005 - Apps

    Apps that are branded or have a commercial component but are not the main business app of a product or service.
  • 1006 - Physical & Digital

    Advertising that uses physical and digital component(s) in tandem to engage with a user and deliver a marketing message. Judges will be looking at how the two elements complement each other and work cohesively.
  • 1007 - Tactical

    Marketing in the form of newsjacking. Combines creative ideas and a breaking news story or a trending topic to generate maximum coverage and social media engagement for a brand, leading to an immediate impact.
  • 1008 - User Participation

    Campaigns designed to actively engage their audience, for example by asking them to contribute to the campaign or a brand initiative.
  • 1009 - Use of Micro-Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use micro-talent or micro-influencers – those with niche audiences or over 1,000 followers – to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1010 - Use of Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use popular social media influencers or celebrities, usually with a following of 100,000+, to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1011 - Use of Technology

    Marketing that uses new technologies and emerging media to push the boundaries of creativity, or the reimagining of old technology in a new, creative way. You will need to show how the use of technology is innovative and has directly contributed to commercial success.
  • 1012 - Use of AI

    The use of AI to push the boundaries of creativity in marketing communications and campaign management. Includes machine learning, chatbots, voice assistants, AI-scripted content, AI-powered systems etc.
  • 1013 - Use of Data

    Campaigns that use data to enhance the idea, amplify brand narrative, drive commercial success or improve customer experience, either online or offline. Includes internal or external data; big data, real time data and competitive data.