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A New Jingle for a New Era

Award: Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil / Entertainment / Audio / 2021

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Digital / Tactical

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / PR / Reactive Response

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / PR / Use of Talent & Influencers

At the height of 2020’s reckoning on racial justice, the racist origins of America’s most famous ice cream truck jingle resurfaced. A hundred years after inventing the ice cream truck, Good Humor decided to acknowledge this jingle’s hurtful legacy and stop it from reaching another generation of children. To craft a jingle that would resonate in culture, it needed an artist with universal credibility, so Edelman New York teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA. His creation was made licensing-free in perpetuity, so it can spread joy for years to come.