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PR Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Strategies and ideas that use PR methods as creative tools.

Have a look at the subcategories below and download the entry kit for more information.
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You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1701 - Integrated

    Integrated PR-first campaigns that are executed across a variety of media e.g. TV, print, online, mobile, ambient stunts.
  • 1702 - B2B

    PR-first ideas that focus on the promotion of services and products from one business to another.
  • 1703 - B2C

    PR-first ideas that focus on the promotion of services and products among consumers.
  • 1704 - In-Market

    PR-first ideas targeting one specific linguistic or geographical market.
  • 1705 - Multi-Market

    PR-first ideas targeting several linguistic or geographical markets.
  • 1706 - Digital & Social

    PR-first ideas that use social and digital media platforms to communicate the brand message.
  • 1707 - Events & Stunts

    PR-first ideas that use an event or stunt to create a buzz and build a brand. Includes virtual and live events, flash mobs, guerilla marketing, pop-up shops etc.
  • 1708 - Entertainment

    PR-first ideas that use entertainment to create a buzz and build a brand. Includes campaigns directed at gaming platforms, apps, video sharing channels, music videos etc.
  • 1709 - Use of Micro-Talent & Influencers

    PR activity that uses micro-talent or micro-influencers – those with niche audiences or over 1,000 followers – to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1710 - Use of Talent & Influencers

    PR activity that uses popular social media influencers or celebrities, usually with a following of 100,000+, to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1711 - Use of Media Relations

    PR activity that uses relationships with journalists and media outlets to circulate a message, as opposed to communicating directly with the public.
  • 1712 - Reactive Response

    PR activity that uses the popularity of a specific news story, viral video or event to generate maximum positive coverage for the brand. May also include campaigns generated in response to brand issues or crisis PR.
  • 1713 - Product Launch

    PR-first ideas created to successfully launch or relaunch a product.
  • 1714 - Public Affairs

    PR-first ideas that change or inform public policy, agenda and legislation.
  • 1715 - Established Campaigns

    PR campaigns where the same concept has run over three years or more, to consistently drive awareness or revenue for a brand.
  • 1716 - Low Budget

    For work considered low budget based on industry standards. You will need to state your budget and justify your reasons for entering here. Includes pro bono work for charities.

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