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Gaming Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Recognises exceptional brand messaging delivered through structured digital interactions, usually for play. Includes e-sports, mobile and online games, as well as a gamified experiences for commercial purposes.

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You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 5101 - Branded Game Design

    Design and gameplay experiences that are successfully across all creative and technical fields; creating user-friendly, innovative and fluid gameplay that successfully conveys a brand message.
  • 5102 - Brand Integration

    Integration of a brand within the game or narrative. Includes banners, brand tie-ups, takeovers, hacks, in-game billboards, gamification components, product placements, selective ads, incentivised ads, native ads, reward-based videos and the use of ad gating.
  • 5103 - Brand Partnership

    Partnerships between brands and games, streamers, teams or individuals that engage with gamers and boost sales. Includes sponsorship deals, product endorsements, creation of gaming merchandise, pre/mid/post roll video and host-read ads. Unofficial partnerships are also eligible.
  • 5104 - User Participation

    Branded games where the success of the idea relies on coordinated user participation or user generated content. For example, building teams, playing with other users, entering competitions.
  • 5105 - E-Commerce

    Games that successfully drive in-app purchases or create native e-commerce opportunities to convert gamers into paying customers. Includes all gamified e-commerce experiences.
  • 5106 - Entertainment

    Branded or brand-funded entertainment hosted on apps and gaming platforms, or gamified for use on other platforms. For example virtual concerts, festivals, performances, movies, racing, activities, story-driven games, puzzles etc.
  • 5107 - Experiential

    Interaction between brands and consumers via gamified experience-led activations. For example competitions, training, inductions, product sampling, workshops etc.
  • 5108 - Educational

    Branded or brand-funded gaming experiences that have been explicitly designed to have an educational purpose, or which have incidental or secondary educational value.
  • 5109 - New Realities & Emerging Media

    Immersive gaming experiences where AR, VR, MR, AV or emerging media play a key role in bringing the idea to life. For cutting-edge work that's changing how brands use gaming to interact with consumers.
  • 5110 - Use of Data

    Gaming experiences that are brought to life through the use of data. Includes geolocation, personal data etc.

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