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Experiential Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Work that generates interaction between brands and consumers through experience-led activations. May take place virtually, in the physical world or a combination of both.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1301 - Community

    Brand activations taking place within online and offline communities, or bringing these communities together, to optimise a shared experience.
  • 1302 - Exhibitions & Trade Shows

    Brand activations and stands at online and offline expos, conventions and trade shows.
  • 1303 - Retail

    Retail experiences that enhance the purchasing process. Includes online activations, in-store events, pop-up shops and street vendor experiences.
  • 1304 - Public Spaces

    Brand activations designed for public spaces.
  • 1305 - Out-of-Home

    Out-of-home experiences and activations. For example guerrilla marketing, stunts and ambient.
  • 1306 - Online Experiences

    Brand activations designed to be livestreamed across digital platforms.
  • 1307 - Use of Micro-Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use micro-talent or micro-influencers – those with niche audiences or over 1,000 followers – to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1308 - Use of Talent & Influencers

    Campaigns that use popular social media influencers or celebrities, usually with a following of 100,000+, to increase engagement and target specific markets.
  • 1309 - Use of Technology

    Brand activations where the core element is heightened by the use of technology such as 360 video, voice activation, immersion or multi-platform. May include projection mapping or user-activated experiences.
  • 1310 - New Realities & Emerging Media

    Brand activations where AR, VR, MR, AV or emerging media play a key role in conveying the brand message. For cutting-edge work that's changing how brands interact with consumers.