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Graphic Design Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2021

Commercial visual design for all platforms. Includes data visualisation and printed, digital, environmental or motion design.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 2401 - Integrated

    Where a single graphic design concept is applied across multiple formats. Judges will be looking for effective visual communication across all applications.
  • 2402 - Posters

    Graphics-led posters, both printed and digital. Can be single or double-sided.
  • 2403 - Annual Reports

    Graphic design for reports relating to company and business activity.
  • 2404 - Catalogues & Brochures

    Graphic design for catalogues, brochures, manuals, instruction booklets and reference guides.
  • 2405 - Direct Mail

    Graphic design for physical mail that elicits a direct response. Includes door drops, letters, postcards and mail packs.
  • 2406 - Stationery

    Graphic design for stationery. Includes business cards, greeting cards, invitations, stamps and calendars.
  • 2407 - Records

    Graphic design for record sleeves and album covers.
  • 2408 - Games

    Graphic design for printed games, such as playing cards, board games and puzzles. Includes promotional games designed to engage with audiences.
  • 2409 - Applied Print Graphics

    Design for items that don't fit within other graphic design categories such as tickets, menus, mugs, shopping bags, clothing, coins, bottles, clothing.
  • 2410 - Motion Design

    Graphic design in motion.
  • 2411 - Websites & Apps

    Graphic design created for websites, digital platforms and apps. The graphic elements will be judged (not the UX or UI design).
  • 2412 - Data Visualisation

    The graphic representation of data. Can be physical or digital. The data must be expressed in such a way that it makes it easier to understand.
  • 2413 - Environmental

    Signage, wayfinding and information graphics. Includes graphic design that enhances a space, usually large in scale such as environmental graphics for exhibitions, hospitals, offices and shops.
  • 2414 - Self Promotion

    Graphic design work created by the entrant to promote their products and services.

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