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Packaging Design Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2023

Innovative design for every kind of packaging, from luxury to consumer.



You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 2601 - Luxury

    Packaging for high-end brands or luxury items.
  • 2602 - Limited Edition

    New packaging for existing products, where the packaging has run for a limited length of time or across a limited range of products and implies exclusivity.
  • 2603 - Small Batch

    Packaging designed to be produced in small quantities, but not as a limited edition. As a guide, small batch production should be less than 2,000 units. Limited edition packaging should be entered into the Limited Edition subcategory.
  • 2604 - Consumer

    Packaging design for slow-moving consumer products, electronics and mainstream consumer items. Includes appliances, furniture and computer equipment. Packaging for fast-moving consumer goods should be entered into the FMCG subcategory. Work will not be eligible in both subcategories.
  • 2605 - FMCG

    Packaging for everyday consumer products that are accessible and sold quickly. Includes packaging for food, drink, toiletries, cosmetics, household cleaning, over-the-counter medicines, food supplements and other consumable essentials including private labels. Packaging for slow-moving consumer goods should be entered into the Consumer subcategory. Work will not be eligible in both subcategories.
  • 2606 - Rebrand

    Rebrand of an existing product or range of products. You will be asked if the work was created for: - A micro enterprise (less than 10 employees) - An SME (10 - 250 employees) - A large enterprise (more than 250 employees)
  • 2607 - Structural

    The form and shape of a piece of packaging, with a focus on functionality. Includes structural elements designed for inclusivity.
  • 2608 - Promotional

    Packaging that was distributed as part of a promotional event, stunt or marketing campaign. Typically a limited production run, not commercially available, with no barcode or sales identifier.
  • 2609 - Upstream Innovation

    Packaging designed to fit within a circular system, where an upstream innovation approach has been applied to prevent waste. Where packaging has been significantly reduced and/or redesigned to be reusable, returnable, recyclable or compostable. A fourth judging criteria applies to this subcategory: Is the design circular?
  • 2610 - Materials

    Packaging materials that support a brand's proposition and sustainability goals. For example zero-waste solutions or the application of antimicrobial technology. A fourth judging criteria applies to this subcategory: Is it responsible?
  • 2611 - Plastic Free

    Packaging that has been designed, or redesigned, to eliminate the use of plastic. Includes the removal of plastic from labels, inks and glue. As a minimum, the packaging must be 99% plastic free.
  • 2612 - Labels

    The design of labels, stickers and self-adhesives as part of a product's packaging.

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