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Photography Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2023

Commercial photography used in design and advertising projects to bring a creative idea to life.
Images must have been commissioned or licensed for the purpose of selling products and services.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 3701 - Portraits

    Commercial photography that captures a subject or a group of subjects, with particular emphasis on facial expressions or features.
  • 3702 - Documentary

    Commercial photography that documents historical events, people or places. May include street photography, reportage and photojournalism.
  • 3703 - Still Life & Studio

    Commercial photography of inanimate objects in a controlled studio environment or on large studio sets.
  • 3704 - Cityscapes & Architecture

    Commercial photography of urban landscapes, skylines, manmade structures and the interior/exterior of buildings.
  • 3705 - Automotive

    Commercial photography centred around motor vehicles. Includes images of cars, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, racing tracks and motor shows.
  • 3706 - Sports

    Commercial photography centred around sport and fitness. Includes images of athletes, sports ambassadors and influencers; fans; sporting environments and events. For anything from official sporting moments to campaign stunts.
  • 3707 - Fashion & Beauty

    Commercial photography that spotlights clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, hair, make-up and beauty.
  • 3708 - Lifestyle

    Commercial photography that aims to capture real-life events, behaviours and the art of the everyday.
  • 3709 - Fine Art & Conceptual

    Commercial photography created to express an artist’s perception or to illustrate a conceptual idea in an abstract way.
  • 3710 - Wildlife & Landscape

    Commercial photography where the primary focus is on the natural world or capturing animals in their natural habitat.
  • 3711 - Staged Image

    Commercial photography that captures deliberately constructed scenes, created solely for the purpose of being photographed.
  • 3712 - Stills Compositing

    Commercial photography that combines multiple images or assets into a single photograph. For example the application of CG assets, texturing, special effects and garment redressing. The resulting composite could be a portrait, still life, fashion, fine art or conceptual art or any other type of commercial image.
  • 3713 - Retouching

    Commercial photography where elements have been added or removed, and/or the image has been enhanced through manipulation of colour, tone and contrast.
  • 3714 - Personal Style

    Images taken by a Photographer and made available to potential customers, to promote their photography services and express their personal style. You may submit up to 10 images from your portfolio. Work may be commissioned or self-initiated, but all images must be available to the public.
  • 3715 - Creative Use of Budget

    Commercial photography that brings a creative idea to life, where the output exceeds expectations set by a low budget. Includes pro bono work. You will need to state the production budget and justify your reasons for entering here. If the work was done pro bono, you will need to state the total spend.