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Commerce Jury

  • D&AD Awards 2023

Creative commerce ideas that inspire and enhance the exchange of goods and services. Includes consumer and B2B transactions.


You can enter your work in the following subcategories.

  • 1201 - Acquisition & Retention

    Creative commerce solutions that retain existing customers, attract new customers, and increase customer activity. For example through loyalty programmes, benefit schemes or intercepting the shopping cycle.
  • 1202 - Customer Journey

    Creative commerce solutions that offer a complete and consistent customer journey, from brand awareness through to delivery. Includes the use of digital applications that facilitate the experience such as shop assistants, chatbots, voice assistants, facial recognition and location-based technology.
  • 1203 - Purchase Experiences

    Methods of purchase that are centred around the consumer experience, where the purchase experience is inspiring or engaging, seamless or attractive. Includes real-world and virtual experiences, or a combination of both; and retail, events or social experiences faciliatetd by digital technology.
  • 1204 - Promotion

    Creative commerce solutions that boost engagement or sales with a promotional item, service or event.
  • 1205 - Brand Partnership

    Collaborations between brands that give consumers access to unique product and purchasing experiences. For example an exclusive service, special offer or enhanced access to products.
  • 1206 - Entertainment

    Shopping experiences packaged as entertainment. Includes retail theatre, activations, product demonstrations and gamification.
  • 1207 - Live

    Creative use of live commerce, livestream and influencers to demonstrate products and interact with an audience in real time.
  • 1208 - Social

    Campaigns that rely on social networks, channels and interactions to bring an idea to life and to drive transactions. Includes social networks, gaming communities and virtual worlds, for example.
  • 1209 - Cultural Experience

    Creative commerce solutions centred around a specific or unique culture, trend, tradition or event, targeting consumers with shared behaviours, attitudes, values and practices.
  • 1210 - Use of Data

    Campaigns that use data to tailor and inspire commerce experiences to unlock access to unique benefits or goods and services. For example personal data, anonymised data and geolocation data.
  • 1211 - Use of XR

    The use of immersive technologies to extend reality and change the way brands inspire transactions between real and virtual worlds, people and avatars. Includes the use of VR, AR, MR and applications across web 3.0 and the metaverse.

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