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Julian Schreiber

Julian Schreiber

  • Chief Creative Officer/Partner
  • Australia
  • Member since 2019

Julian Schreiber is Chief Creative Officer and Partner in one of the world’s leading independent agencies, Special Australia. Throughout his career he has constantly strived to explore and discover what marketing creativity is capable of solving for both clients and culture. As a result of this pursuit, his work has become incredibly varied in both shape and style. It has also helped him win ‘Best of Show’ at Australia’s most pre-eminent Award show (AWARD) a record 5 times, making him one of the country’s leading creatives.

Julian has judged at numerous local and international shows, including in 2019 when he was very proud to serve on the Cannes Lions Film jury. He has worked in both in Australia and the United States and is responsible for over a decade of globally awarded projects including the NAB Bank ‘Break Up’, The Four’N Twenty ‘Magic Salad Plate’, Chupa Chup’s ‘Splats’, Guide Dog’s ‘Support Scent’, Pedigree’s ‘K9FM’ (D&AD Black Pencil), Tourism Victoria’s ‘The Remote Control Tourist’, TripAdvisor’s ‘Hotel Cup‘, Adidas Originals’ ‘Superstar’ and Go Gentle’s ‘Stop the Horror’ which succeeded in actually helping change the Euthanasia laws in Australia. At Special he has been responsible for the multi-award winning and publicly renowned Uber Eats campaigns the ‘Aus Open Ambush’ and ‘Sharon & Kim’ the ‘Luke Skywalker vs Captain Picard’ Showdown, Wayne’s World ‘Eat Local’, Uber 'Don't Eats' and "Get Almost Almost Anything" to name a few, as well as Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Good Morning World’ which not only won at D&AD, but won one of only three Global Effies in the world that year. Most recently he won a Yellow D&AD Pencil for transforming air travel's most hated seat into an attraction with Virgin Australia's 'Middle Seat Lottery.

Julian believes that as a creative industry we get to redefine everyday what exactly advertising is and can be - and that in itself is an incredibly inspiring task.

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D&AD Awards (22)