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Yoshihiro Yagi

Yoshihiro Yagi

  • Executive Creative Director
  • Japan

Yoshihiro is a driving force of creativity throughout Dentsu Japan and is one of the top award-winning creatives in Japan, with over 500 medals under his belt. His work is always in the nature of facing human impulses and nurturing long and deep relationships with his clients. One of the most frequently discussed topics at client and team meetings is how to turn business into art. ‘Pocky THE GIFT’, which won Grand Prix at various awards, was a business that shared the human urge to connect with others. JR East's ‘Get Back, Tohoku’ won the Collaborative Pencil at D&AD for the first time in Asia, after more than 10 years of continuous efforts. Now more than ever, he feels the need to follow our own human sense of ethics in finding and solving problems in society. His greatest motivation is to create things that will make the lives of each person in this world brighter and enriched through the power of creativity. Yoshi and his wife have two young sons, Minato and Keito. They named the boys in relation to the circulation of water and nature: how mountain streams flow into the ocean, where it becomes rain and eventually goes back to the mountains. He also lectures at Kyoto University of the Arts.

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D&AD Awards (18)