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Prime Yourself for a Pencil

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In 2015, New Blood Awards history was made. One team nabbed a Yellow, White and Black Pencil for their Nationwide brief entry. Want to get clued up on what it'll take for you to win a hat-trick? Listen up.

We took three universal themes from the 2016 Nationwide brief and invited a host of industry experts to break them down for you. Watch their insider talks, and try out their hacks.


Naomi Dunne – Beware the Solution Without a Problem

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When thinking about how to engage an audience, start your creative process by interrogating the brief to discover real insights. Your goal is to identify consumers' challenges and expectations as well as gaps in the market, to land at problems first, solutions later. This is the route to meaningful engagement, not just engagement for engagement’s sake.

To stretch your thinking, try identifying problems and solutions for extreme consumer cases. How might you engage the following people with banking?

  • Jón – A man in Iceland who spends most of his time at sea.
  • Mel – An American lady who lost all of her money when the recession hit.
  • Tyler– A man from Australia who’s never had a bank account before.

Hannah Drury – Engaging 'Generation Z'

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Cultural Problem + Relevant Brand = Opportunity For Awesome Idea.

Now you try. Pick one of these cultural problems Gen Z face and think about how a bank could help:

  • Saving the environment
  • Online privacy
  • Being your own boss
  • Owning a home
  • Struggling with fomo

ustwo – The Secret Sauce in our Product Recipe

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Jack and Ben use this handy method to get things rolling when they get a brief. Give it a go with the Nationwide brief, or any other challenge you're working on at the moment, then repeat as many times as you can. 

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Innovation Through Nationwide

Head of Creative for Group Innovation, Ed Whatton, talks you through how Nationwide have evolved through technology. 

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