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Beyond Ads: Brilliant Brand Writing

Harness the power of copywriting for content marketing that will make your words work harder.

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From technical copy to social posts, and everything in between, there’s a whole wide world of writing outside ads. This 4-part online Masterclass, led by Kate van der Borgh, aims to get you feeling confident in your content writing, whether you’re new to the game, or a seasoned pro wanting a refresh.

Ask someone ‘what’s copywriting?’, and they might say: copywriting means writing ads. But the reality is that copywriters write all kinds of stuff: board reports, newsletters, internal comms, think pieces. These things help to keep a business moving, and they’re every bit as important in shaping a brand as ads.

So, anyone looking to put a content marketing strategy in place will need to draw on strong copywriting skills.

If you’re a copywriter – or if you’re someone in an organisation who has to produce lots of written content – this online course will give you copywriting tricks and tips to help you tackle whatever writing brief comes your way. Whether you need to produce marketing materials, technical copy, social posts, scripts, web pages or press releases, we’ll give you clear, practical advice about how to write in a clear and compelling way. Best of all, we’ll make it fun.

Split into four two-hour sessions, over four dates, the course covers everything from understanding your audience to writing with character. Course numbers are capped at 15 – so be sure to grab one of our spaces by booking now.

Part 1: Getting some perspective

This part is about seeing things from your reader’s point of view. Who is your reader, and what matters to them? How can you persuade them to keep reading? What might make them stop?

Part 2: Exploring the Classics

We’ll look at some popular writing advice: tips that seem to appear in every writing guide. We’ll see how they work in practice – and when it’s OK to break the rules.

Part 3: Thinking big

Having explored some sentence-level techniques, we’ll start to think more structurally: how do we create headlines that sum up big ideas in a compelling way? How do we organise our ideas across a page, two pages, three?

Part 4: Playing with tone

By this stage, you’ll know how to make your copy clear. Now, we’ll make it characterful too. Using examples – not just from brands, but celebrities and popular culture – we’ll explore different ways to add colour to your writing.

Who it's for: 

  • Copywriters who are just starting out
  • Copywriters of any level who want to refresh their copywriting skills
  • Copywriters who want to gather some tips to inspire their team
  • Anyone who has to produce written materials in a business environment – for instance, marketing teams writing for customers, managers writing for senior leaders
  • Anyone who has to commission or sign off on marketing copy

By the end of this workshop you will: 

  • Gain tips on copywriting that will make your content easier for a reader to digest
  • Apply ‘classic’ writing tips to your own copywriting 
  • Learn to structure your writing in a logical and engaging way
  • Discover different ways to make your copywriting colourful


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