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Impactful Short-form Copywriting for Teams

Teach your team the power of brevity with this online or in-person copywriting course.

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Learn to say a lot with a little, in this copywriting course where brevity is beautiful. Award-winning writer Will Awdry will put your words through the wringer, helping you and your team get to the heart of the pithiest, sharpest ideas, and keep things short but sweet. A hands-on day of creative crafting, this course is perfect for those with existing copywriting experience and looking to top up their skills.

You’ve got a talented bunch of copywriters in the business who need a top-up. They are masters of copy - or on the path to master it - and have been in the advertising game a while. 

At the same time, your audience’s attention spans get shorter and writing for advertising needs to get shorter too. Your team needs to up their skills in the art of brevity and fancy some objective, improving help. Welcome to a workshop that’s all about (on the writing front), the less said, the better.

This Masterclass is about the ratio of time spent ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’. Pressured to produce nuggets of pitch-perfect, condensed thinking in concise sentences during office hours, this is instead time spent leaning back. Your team members will consider the concentrated summary; the act of compression; maximum illumination with minimal expression; the written articulation of ideas; compacting the medium of your message. Throughout, brevity is welcome.


Who it's for: 

  • Teams that include advertising practitioners who have been in the game for a while and creative copywriters with around ten years of experience

  • Writers needing a refresher, re-booter or pathfinder

  • Anyone who knows their way around the discipline already, but needs a top-up

By the end of this workshop your team will: 

  • Gain a refreshing reappraisal of how you currently write

  • Understand how tightly edited thinking can lead to better edited writing

  • Become a minimalist. It’s fun but hard work

  • Learn about headline articulation - from newspapers to D&AD Pencils

Our team training courses can be customised to suit the needs of your business. Contact us to discuss tailoring for location, class size, learning aims and more.


Looking for more information?

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