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Jilliane Marasigan

Jilliane Marasigan

  • United States
  • Member since 2020

My real name is Jilliane, but please call me Jelly.

For 3 years, I asked people whether they preferred their Pad Thais spicy or not, or which of our 44 sauces they wanted on their wings. For many of my customers, I was a part of their daily routine. For others, I was a verbal punching bag for their bad days. It is these raw and sometimes confusing experiences with everyday folk that strengthened my ability to empathize and adapt. I learned that while you can always exert your best, the creative servers who knew how to change their approach from one guest to another provided the best experiences.

As I begin my career in advertising, I apply the lessons I learned in the service industry into my brainstorming process. What makes me a valuable creative is my ability to empathize and adapt brands to their everyday audiences. I enjoy constantly reinventing my creative approach, and I delight in the challenge of never knowing what the job will throw at me on any given day.

Prior to attending Miami Ad School for Art Direction, I graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Communication Arts, a minor in art history and a certificate of German Language and Culture. In my free time, I dabble in illustration, hand lettering, and layout design.

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