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Bobby Pawar is an accidental… oh, screw that, I am not going to write this in third person and pretend somebody else wrote it.

Look, I am just like any of you, only I may not be as smart or as fit (weight issues). When I wake up everyday, the only thought that bounces around in my head while I navigate an electric toothbrush around my teeth is, ‘God, please don’t let me suck’.

Yeah, I’ve done some famous shit. Won a bunch of awards. Served on juries. Worked at great agencies in India, and the States. But most importantly, I managed not suck when it mattered. Or maybe I did and I had great teammates who carried me. Who knows?

I’m just glad that I fell into this amazing profession, where I get to work some incredibly talented people, many of whom are clients, every single day. Now, there are people, with more grey in their hair than they have inside their brains, who say, creativity is dying or under threat. Idiots.

All you have to do is look at the great work that wins at D&AD to know they are wrong. All you have to do, is do your best every day on every brief. Creativity isn’t dying because the tribe of creative people is not only alive, it is growing.

It now includes coders, UX designers, strategists, inventors, culture vultures and host of talent from all fields. This not only gives me hope, it kicks my ass and inspires me to raise my game. So thank you all for not letting me, what’s the word, oh yeah, SUCK.

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