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Principles of Selling Ideas

The pitching tools you need to get people on board with your creative ideas, and get them made.

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In this online 3-hour masterclass you’ll explore a collection of memorable, easily actionable and proven principles that can help you move from idea to execution most of the time, and pitch with precision.

The idea is the easy part. Keeping an idea alive so it can find its fullest form is the challenge. This is almost never done in private. It takes people, occasionally hundreds of them. An idea first chooses to live or die when told to others, and it is here where even the exceptional ones can be brought to a permanent stop.

If we want our ideas made, which is the most honest and respectable way to advance a career or company forward, they will have to be sold well and without deception. This requires an act of preparedness. This online 3-hour Masterclass is designed to help make individuals and teams prepared every time.

Ian draws on his experience leading award-winning agencies, building two start-ups and as the author of Spark for the Fire: How Youthful Thinking Unlocks Creativity. This material is the product of thousands of experiences selling to the C-suite and boards of Fortune Global 500 brands, high-profile Hollywood talent, leading European venture capital firms and commissioners of film and television.


Who it's for:

  • Creatives needing to pitch ideas to clients

  • Anyone wanting a new perspective to selling work

  • Client services needing to review their pitch-approach

  • Those preparing for a keynote or presentation to a larger audience, and needing a place to start

  • In-house creatives presenting internally and externally

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have a tried and tested method for preparing a pitch

  • Know how to sell your idea in a way that avoids obscurity

  • Understand why the context of your presentation is key to landing your idea

  • Have a framework for delivering your sell with the highest chances of success

Looking for more information?

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