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Presenting Creative Work

Learn tips, tricks and industry secrets to successful pitch your ideas with confidence.

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Discover the fundamentals of pitching, grow your personal skills, allow your confidence to emerge, and build a framework for future presentations, deliver your presentation and get vital feedback in this one-day Masterclass.

Presenting creative work can be a challenge for even the most experienced creative. For those in any stage of their creative careers, this essential skill will help you get work bought time and again, both internally and externally. In this course, former TBWA ECD, Tom Evans shows you not only how to present your work and ideas, but how to do so persuasively.

Our Presenting Creative Work course is designed to increase the odds of your ideas making it to the outside world. It will teach you how to structure an effective creative pitch presentation and present your ideas with more confidence. You'll learn how to pitch your idea or execution so that it’s easier for a client to buy it than turn it down, as well as how to read the mood in the meeting room and adjust your presentation accordingly. And, perhaps most important of all, how to answer questions that are critical and handle objections in a tactful way.

Alongside the theory of what to do, and not to do, you’ll put it into practice on the day and craft a pitch to present back to the group. Together, you’ll learn from each other – and Tom – of tips and techniques to build up your personal presenting style that suits your creative industry or USP, and leave the day with tools to get your ideas bought, time and again.


Who it's for:

  • Junior to middleweight creative people who are called upon to present work internally and externally
  • Creative people who have just been promoted into a senior position, such as creative director, and wish to brush up their presentation skills
  • Account handlers and planners who often find themselves involved in creative presentations
  • Any person from any agency discipline, or from any type of company, who wishes to present more confidently and with greater success

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the vital ingredients for a persuasive and engaging presentation, both in-person and on video calls. 
  • Learn the little tricks, simple hacks and industry secrets that will make your presentations truly compelling. 
  • Recognise and adapt your own unique presentation style.
  • Bulletproof your confidence and develop your interpersonal capabilities.
  • Create a reusable outline for a future presentation on a specific subject, project or piece of your creative work.
  • Perform a compelling presentation and get valuable feedback and positive actions from the other delegates and the session leader.

Shoreditch, London

Upcoming Sessions

09:30 - 17:30 BST

Shoreditch, London


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