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James  Riley

James Riley

My bar manager calls me random, nothing to do with how frequently I turn up, everything to do with how my mind works. People call me edgy, nothing to do with my angular build, everything to do with the way I dress (supposedly), but I would like to think its because of my ideas and ingenuity. My parents call me mullet, nothing to doing with how I smell, everything to do with my gift of the gab and my constant communication. My friends call me Riley, nothing to do with living the life of, everything to do with my brand.

I Have now graduated from Northumbria University with first class advertising BA honors. My final project went live for a company called Lazy Joe's, I communicated their brand story in the form of a 147-page book and a 12-minute audio tape that works in co-ordination with the book, coining the phrase deconstructed TV.        

I am aspiring strategist looking for a job.

Instagram JHRiley99