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Tove Andersson

Tove Andersson

  • Sweden
  • Member since 2014

I'm six years old, sitting in the kitchen window dangling my legs looking down at the pavement below. My mom is making pancakes. “Don't you fall down from there!” “I won’t MOOM!” Turning my head back to give her that glare and “Oiiia!”; The next thing I know I am free, falling, soon enough on the ground. BAM! My arm, chubby stomach, and head take the fall. It hurts. Embarrassing.

I believe to know another human you must know at least three things about her. Where she comes from, why she does what she does, and one of her secrets.

You already know I came from the window. I find my fuel there, in the defeats.

Art direction is what I do. Finding this craft has been like finding home. The blend between the different arts and the great people within this continuously moving industry. The core of it though, is that feeling. That wild feeling I get from enjoying a great piece of work, art, or music - you name it! The last time that feeling happened to me was when listening to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. It’s an old song, but who cares - that’s just higher ground. That greatness is what I strive for; because there's nothing like when you yourself happen to be the one standing behind it. That's my “why?”.

The secret? I will save until we meet. Until then have a look at my portfolio: www.toveandersson.com - send me an email, hello@toveandersson.com, to receive password.

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