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Georgia Weiner

Georgia Weiner

Hello, I am Georgia Weiner. I'm a graduating third year Creative Advertising student at Leeds Arts University. I enjoy thinking outside the box, and developing original ideas that will challenge beliefs and attitudes. 
I am passionate, and proud of the work I've created so far, however it's been a journey to get where I am today. Two years at college studying Art Illustration and Media, three years learning everything Creative Advertising, and most of my life correcting people my second name is pronounced “whiner” not “weener”.
I am passionate about creativity, as well as being curious about the world around me. These two combined, is what makes me as excited to get into advertising as I am. Using current topics and conversations within society are key to good advertising and staying relevant. Strategy combined with art, in my opinion, makes the most powerful advertisements. 
I have been working since I was 16, in office jobs, receptions, and a few bar jobs. I've met some interesting people along the way, and even had a few Jaegar Bombs with the English rugby team! But all of these jobs have driven my passion to want to start my career in advertising, and the prospect of finding my feet in a career in which I can thrive in really excites me. Also a career that doesn't include having to clean up sick or stay up until 6am mopping floors would be a pleasant change!
I am also learning Czech, as my grandad and grandma both came from Prague to London during World War 2 to escape Nazi persecution. I have been trying to get back in touch with my Czech roots; I may not be fluent, but give me a year or so, and I aim to be.

Na shledanou. (Bye in czech)

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