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Think, Plan, Act: How to be Strategic

Learn how to streamline your strategic instincts and apply them to brand challenges.

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Understand how to combine strategy and creativity in a 3-hour workshop that we promise is 100% buzzword-free. You'll learn how to think strategically to overcome hurdles, why strategy should be your best friend in the creative journey, and it can help you prioritise the ideas that really make a difference.

Do you think things through before doing them? Have you ever sized up alternatives in the face of a dilemma, or examined the bigger picture? You’ve got the strategy instinct. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to develop, hone and train that instinct.

This Masterclass believes being strategic greatly increases your chances of success. Used well, it also alleviates some of the pain which comes with any collaborative effort. During this 3-hour session you’ll learn how to apply strategic thinking to any creative brief, design challenge or business problem you’re looking to solve. Whether you’re a creative, planner, marketer, business leader or consultant, this course will help you mix strategy and creativity - which is imperative when seeking breakthrough solutions.

Strategy is an ancient discipline integral to any human enterprise. The higher the stakes, the more instinctively strategic we’ll be about a situation. In our work life, the stakes could be very high indeed. Strategy is your best friend for the journey. It guides your plans for achieving your goal. It saves time and resources by eliminating possibilities and enhancing adaptability. It can even point you to the right tactical response at the right moment.

We will look at some of the fundamental ideas driving strategy, avoid the buzzwords and fluffed up language that frequently cloud this essential discipline and skillset, and take a pragmatic approach to strategic thinking, planning, and acting.

Who it's for:

  • Creative professionals who want to be more strategic

  • Strategists, planners and consultants who want deeper insight into the principles of the craft

  • Leaders who want to give their teams a greater sense of focus and purpose

  • Anyone navigating our messy world themselves or helping clients do so, looking for better solutions that work

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Help your understanding, plan of action and creative solutions stay tightly integrated

  • Use strategy to make ideas better, and ideas to make strategy better

  • Identify the principles and win conditions driving marketing and creative projects

Upcoming Sessions

10:00 - 13:00 BST


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