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The Power of Creativity: Team Training to Develop Playful Ideas for Branding and Design

Put the play back into ideation with this team workshop and creative boost.

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Jim Sutherland - master of playful design, and winner of over 150 professional awards - leads this one-day team training, which injects joy into idea generation. There's no laptop involved, just lots of cutting, writing, drawing and sticking, followed by exploration of how to improve and present your ideas. Perfect for a design or creative team to kick-start idea generation and bring a creative boost.

During this practical and interactive course, Jim will take your team through a series of exercises and activities about idea generation. Each of these will be rooted in a case study from a  previous live project, which will be shown before, during or after the exercises.

Your team won’t need their laptops. They’ll just need to be prepared to cut things out, write things down, draw and stick things together. It’s not an easy session though – there’ll be lots of discussion and interrogation of your ideas, looking at what could make them better. They’ll learn through practising, presenting, discussion and critiquing.

At the beginning of the Masterclass your team will get their very own work(& playbook), full of exercises and tasks that you’ll go through during the day. By the time they leave, it’ll showcase all of your ideas.

Who it's for: 

  • Teams of designers & creatives within the design and advertising sector looking for inspiration and new ways to approach design ideation

  • Creative teams needing to step away from the screen and reconnect with playful idea generation or needing a way to kickstart a brief

  • In-house creative teams looking to find ways to generate new ideas

By the end of this workshop your team will: 

  • Explore the different disciplines within the design industry – looking at branding, typography and copy-driven exercises to broaden your insight

  • Look at the design process in a new and different way to create unexpected outcomes, satisfy your curiosity and challenge your perspective on what design can be

  • Force yourself to think through doing, rather than sitting in front of the computer

Our team training courses can be customised to suit the needs of your business. Contact us to discuss tailoring for location, class size, learning aims and more.

Looking for more information?

If you're interested in learning more about any of our Masterclasses, or have any related queries, please leave your details below and someone will be in touch shortly.

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