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Prove your creative work is making a difference to the world

Do the Green Thing’s Naresh Ramchandani explores how to measure success for creative projects aiming to do good

Creative work that aims to make positive change may look great, but how do you show the real impact this work has on making a tangible difference? Measuring the success of your impact-driven work not only helps you to persuade clients the project is worthwhile, but also helps you to measure whether the idea is actually working. Here, previous D&AD President Naresh Ramchandani, Pentagram Partner and Founder of Do the Green Thing, offers three ways to measure impact of work seeking to create a positive change to a societal or environmental challenge.

Tips in this video include targeting audience specificity, measuring the actions of just one specific audience group, as well as measuring cut-through –  clicks, sales, feedback, or qualitative stories – to see how your message impacted your intended audience.

This is an exclusive excerpt from D&AD’s online Creativity as a Catalyst for Change course in partnership with WeTransfer, an online course that you can complete at your own pace. It covers the fundamentals of exploring opportunities for impactful work, developing an authentic approach to answering problems and how to use creativity to enact change. More information and sign-ups here

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