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New Blood Winners that faced up to the future

Six innovative campaigns that address anticipated problems creatively

Good creative work cares about what's next. It wants to find out what's in store, change things up, and maybe fix a few problems along the way.

We went for a stroll through the D&AD New Blood Awards archives, to uncover six future-facing campaigns that set their sights on making a difference.

The Green Switch

We search online all day, every day. So why not make the future of Google an eco-friendly one? The Green Switch rewards environmentally considerate companies and products by awarding them higher search results, changing the Google search algorithm to take ecolabels into account. With companies spending vast amounts of their marketing budget on SEO, over time this will force companies to become greener, and more accountable for actions that affect the climate.

Award: Black Pencil / New Blood Awards 2014/ WPP brief
Credits: Paul J. de Ridder and Yme Gorter at Edinburgh Napier University
​Tutors: Brian Williams and Susan Henry


Nationwide for Messenger

Gen Z have grown up in a completely digital world, and traditional methods of banking are in need of a serious update. Nationwide for Messenger lets users transfer money, create group funds and check balances – everything you'd do with a normal bank account – but in a familiar messaging environment.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards 2016 / Nationwide brief
​Credits: Jordan Amblin at University of South Wales


Do Zero For Climate Change

Even though most people's freezers and fridges are set too low, appliances don't usually come with a thermometer to warn their owners. Students from Berghs School of Communications set out to fix this, by redesigning ice cream packaging with a built-in thermometer that reminds people to turn down to zero – changing habits in the long term, and looking after the environment.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards 2014 / WPP brief
Credits: Afshin Piran, Fabian Lakander, Linda Kraft, Pia Hansson Näslund and Sebastian Sandberg at Berghs School of Communication
Tutor: Christopher Waldekrantz

Airbnb Streets

The future of Airbnb isn't just for tourists. Out in the suburbs of small towns, there are also people looking for somewhere to stay and this campaign capitalises on that possibility. Airbnb Streets encourages residents to canvas their own neighbourhood, expanding the service to local communities as well as tourist hotspots.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards 2015 / Airbnb brief
Credits: Joel Buckley at School of Communication Arts 2.0
​Tutors: Marc Lewis and Ian Hands



With skateboarding as one of the leading causes of maple deforestation – which means habitat loss for animals – this campaign encourages skaters to switch to bamboo boards made in China. Boards can be registered online, where favourite skate spots can also be added to an endangered list, which culminates in a new bamboo-only skate park built by WWF.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards 2015 / WWF brief
Credits: Charlie Bonnett, Mads Nielsen at School of Communication Arts 2.0
​Tutors: Marc Lewis and Ian Hands

ShopDrop – The Package-less Delivery Service

The future of delivery lies somewhere between online and offline shopping, and ShopDrop sets out to capitalise on this. Shoppers can order online, and claim their purchases from a padded locker inside a van – which keeps it safe and eliminates the need for extra packaging.

Award: Yellow Pencil / New Blood Awards 2015 / John Lewis brief
Credits: Bianca Richards at Cardiff Metropolitan University, School of Art & Design
​Tutors: Olwen Moseley and Ian Weir

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