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New Blood Journeys: From the Academy to Art Directing for Nike

Eduarda Nieto shares her creative career journey since New Blood.

From winning a Pencil at New Blood Awards 2019, to being part of the New Blood Academy Classs of 2019, Eduarda Nieto went home to Brazil and began working with AKQA in Sao Paolo. Now one year on, the first campaign she has worked on with her team has gone live. We speak to her about what the past year has been like, and creative lessons she has kept up from her experience on the Academy.

What is this campaign about?

This campaign is about Nike Air Max and its creative power, where we can access content from relevant artists on the Brazilian scene through a cloud, literally. The idea, Air Max Cloud, is a digital experience in augmented reality that, in these uncertain times, inspires the present through culture and technology.

Tell us about your involvement in the campaign?

My experience with this campaign was unbelievable, a great dream come true. I had the opportunity to participate from the beginning to the end of the idea.
As an art director, I had the chance to create and monitor, with my team, the production of the experience and the content developed. Also relate to artists and creatives of which I was already a fan, for a brand I admire so much.

Nike / AKQA / Air Max Cloud. Credits below.

What does it feel like to have the first campaign you have been a part of released into the world?

Still kind of unbelievable. The feeling is just of gratitude for the team that included me in this work and that trusted and allowed me to have a great creative responsibility, which only improves me as a professional. In addition, it is a lot of fun to run campaigns with content that I can relate to as a person and the things I believe in that can touch so many people.

Nike / AKQA / Air Max Cloud. Credits below.

What does a day-in-your-life look like working at AKQA in São Paulo?

Before quarantine (and after it) being at AKQA is like being at home. And this is actually what we call AKQA São Paulo - AKQA “Casa”. We have people from various corners of Brazil, a warm climate, even though we are in São Paulo, and a breakfast to be envied hahaha. It is a wonderful place to be.

How did the New Blood Academy help you get to where you are?

I realise how important it was to spend time learning from amazing people and working together with people at AKQA London. It definitely paved the way for me and enabled work of this magnitude this year. Another important thing has been maintaining a close relationship with friends I made at the Academy, exchanging ideas with them and sharing so many different life scenarios without a doubt enriches me creatively and moves me to realise that something we did here can make sense to them too, even though on the other side of the world.

Nike / AKQA / Air Max Cloud. Credits below.

What is one thing the Academy gave you that you couldn't have gotten anywhere else in terms of creative industry internship and professional experience?

I believe that New Blood is the greatest place to be and be supported as a young creative. It is not easy to reach a D&AD award and to be a student requires a lot of hard work. I believe that this is recognised by many creatives around the world, which really sets you apart in the market. I always think it was a once in a lifetime opportunity as a creative young person.

What was your biggest learning/takeaway from being part of the Academy?

There are so many good catch phrases hahaha. But I think what I learned the most was: never to expect the expected. Be open and humble to learn and never stop creating with what I believe.

Nike / AKQA / Air Max Cloud. Credits below.

Nike / AKQA / Capuri / Hefty
Djonga / Mc Sofia / NGKs
Title:  Air Max Cloud
Product: Nike Air Max 2090
Client: Nike
José Diogo Rodrigues
Gustavo Viana
Filipe Mascaretti
Murillo Maldonado
Agency: AKQA
Chief Creative Officer: Diego Machado, Hugo Veiga
Group Creative Director:  Renato Zandoná
Associated Creative Director: Christiano Vellutini
Art Director: Eduarda Nieto
Art assistant: Melissa Alves
Copywriter: Erika Moreira
Strategy Director: Luiza Baffa
Strategy: Bruno Soares, Gabriella Teixeira e Renato Migrone
Account Director: Aline Garcia
Account Manager: Juliana Pereira
Project Director: Paula Santana
Project Manager: Amanda Silva, Beatriz Durlo e Lucas Araque
Project Assistant: Hadassa Lima
Producer: Stella Gafo
Motion: Anderson Lima e Marcello Amora
PR: Débora Bacaltchuk,
Production Company: Capuri
Executive Producer: Thiago Mascarenhas e Eduardo Rezende
Director: Breno Moreira
Ass. Director: Adriana Foureaux
Production Coord.: Nathália Trindade
Production Director: Thiago Freire
Atendimento Produtora: Eduardo Rezende
Atendimento de Pós: Eduardo Rezende
Diretor de Fotografia: Fábio Politi
Direção de arte: Andres Zarza
Montagem: Fernando Alves e Rodrigo Carvalho
Coordenador de Pós: Tiago Coutinho
Colourist: Diogo Comum e Jesus Mendes
Post Production: Tiago Coutinho e Gabriel Talamini
Audio House: Hefty
Sound Effects & Mixagem: Equipe Hefty
Audio Director: Edu Luke
Audio Manager : Cristiane Oliveira e Juliana Pontes
Account Manager: Debora Carvalho e Daniella Cabaritti

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