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Two Monsters in my Story

Award: Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil / Animation / 2D Computer-Generated / 2021

Award: Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil / Animation / Low Budget

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Entertainment / Low Budget

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Casting / Voice

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Direct / Film

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Film / Low Budget

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Animation / Traditional

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Writing for Advertising / Film

Content warning: this work is on the subject matter of child abuse.

In France, a child victim of sexual abuse still has to prove before the law that they did not consent. That’s the unbearable reality the French organisation Face à l’Inceste (which acts for child protection) is fighting. The two-minute animated film, entitled Two Monsters in My Story, raises the disturbing nature of the question of consent. It focuses on how the legal framework forces a victim to keep reliving their physical and psychological nightmare, and petitions for a change of the law.

What did the judges have to say?

"The overall craft and execution of every element of each film was brilliant."

Andy Baker, Director, Andy Baker Studio