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For Seasons – Composed by Climate Data

Award: Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil / Sound Design & Use of Music / Adapted Music / 2020

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Radio & Audio / Creative Use of Technology

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Radio & Audio / Use of Branded Audio

Award: Shortlist

Shortlist / Entertainment / Audio

The NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra wanted to use the power of music to let people hear the consequences of climate change. With a team of software developers and music arrangers, they adapted Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to today’s weather conditions, using custom-built algorithms and 300 years of climate data to recompose the masterpiece. For Seasons premiered to the world at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Soon, the voice of climate change achieved a reach of 1 billion contacts, with For Seasons now a partner of the United Nations Development Program. The score is freely available to any orchestra in the world.