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Mills + Boon

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Radio / Radio Commercials / 2007

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness that Valentine&#39;s Day is just another day for over 500,000 women suffering from domestic abuse. <br/><br/>Women&#39;s Aid Radio.<br/><br/>&#8220;Mills and Boon&#8221; - Script<br/><br/>Romantic music throughout.<br/><br/>FVO1 (as if reading from a Mills and Boon romantic novel): <br/>Helen looked at David from across the room and his eyes met hers with an intense passion that she found unnerving. He took a step towards her and she felt her heart pounding in her chest like a caged animal. <br/>He reached out for her and his strong, muscular arms enveloped her trembling body. She closed her eyes, waiting for his next move. Time seemed to stand still as if she were in a dream. <br/>His hands grabbed her hair, pulling her towards him and she felt his hot breath on her cheek as he whispered: &#8220;You make me sick.&#8221;<br/>He hit her then. Hard. But not on the face. He didn&#39;t want to mark her. People would ask too many questions. <br/><br/>FVO2: For 500,000 British women, Valentine&#39;s is just another day.<br/>Women&#39;s Aid is there to help every day of the year. ACT now to end domestic violence. Visit www.womensaid.org.uk<br/><br/>Helen collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath and rolling herself into a ball in an effort to…[V/O fades] <br/>

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