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New Blood Entry — It's Simply Healthcare

Award: Wood Pencil

The Case for Her & Hey Jane / 2023

What if we told you that the personal feelings around abortion are not so different from other essential healthcare procedures?

With all the noise surrounding abortion, the importance of the procedure often gets lost. Hey Jane is challenging the stigma and misconceptions surrounding one of the most controversial topics. Join the conversation and discover the similarities without uttering "abortion". It's time to shift the focus from opinions and prejudices to the simple fact that it's healthcare.

Without the word, it’s simply healthcare.

What did the judges have to say?

This Wood Pencil award-winning entry was among my favourites. The way that it reimagined abortion as healthcare was clever and powerful – and I love the way it was brought to life in a demographic-relevant and interactive way.

Rebecca Davis, Communications & Partnerships Lead, Hey Jane

I thought this one really did address the idea that abortion equals healthcare. Such a simple, yet clever, way at reframing the mindset around abortion. The focus on fears and anxiety for making any type of healthcare decision illustrates how it is the exact same for abortion. And it isn't just targeted at one specific audience, it pulls everyone into the conversation.

Amanda Jaskiewicz, Director, SheSays