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New Blood Entry — Gymshark Lift Off

Award: Wood Pencil

Gymshark / 2023

Studies show that people living with disabilities or immobilising injuries are more likely to push their limits. Yet university gyms have never been made accessible for the UK's disabled youth.

Gymshark understands gyms are a common space for building one's strength, confidence, and community. But for everyone to nail their personal bests – conditioning needs to be adaptive.

‘Lift Off’ tackles gym culture biases with first-of-its-kind smart adaptive weights, which can be connected to the Gymshark Training app. Where instructors guide people with different abilities to train in the safest possible way – no matter what conditioning looks like to them.

What did the judges have to say?

I liked the ambition of breaking down stigmas by creating a community that includes people with disabilities. A solid idea at the heart of it and a wonderful execution.

Megan Egan, Senior Creative, Creature