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New Blood Entry — STACKD by eBay

Award: Yellow Pencil

eBay / 2023

STACKD is an application which inspires Gen Z to use eBay, through an easy and informative ‘stock market’ selling experience that puts collectors at the forefront.

What did the judges have to say?

Used behavioural economics as incentive and motivation to get people hooked, which was clever. Design was unique and memorable.

Katee Hui, Senior Director of Strategy, T1

We loved this idea because it had a great insight and felt really new and fresh. We thought repositioning eBay as a stock market selling tool was really clever. It featured some interesting tech that gave users the value of items based on popularity and trends in real-time. It was really well executed with a contemporary design.

Lee Manson, Creative Director, The&Partnership

A fantastic idea with longevity in mind, high quality execution, a mobile-first idea thinking about even the smallest detail (in this case push notifications). Bang on brief creating a true cycle of buyers and sellers.

Sabine Stromsky, Associate Creative Director, Edelman