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New Blood Entry — BankMate by Barclays

Award: Yellow Pencil

Barclays / 2023

The neurodiverse community often struggles with a wide range of unique conditions that can make it challenging to manage their finances.

We created BankMate, a platform where neurodivergent people can partner with a trusted loved one to help ease those symptoms to meet their financial goals. Users can invite their inner circle to manage their daily budgets and leave comments for support.

BankMate allows users to share goals with their Mate. Pairs can track each other’s progress and send friendly reactions to upkeep motivation. Extending to ATMs, users are prompted to contribute their deposit to a shared goal, making it a holistic experience.

BankMate is designed to help neurodivergent people save money with less stress and gain financial confidence with their Mates by their side.

What did the judges have to say?

The idea was very different from any of the other entries, but it did trigger something for me. It provided more then just a solution for one group of people but could be expanded upon for a larger target audience. It creates a loop with real people and real consequences. It is super straight forward but never been done before. A deserved Yellow Pencil.

Evert Martin, Senior HMI/UX Designer, Inert & Toyota

BankMate clearly communicated their idea and executed their solution really well.

Mala Vadhia, Design Operations Manager, Barclays

This entry was a great example of the entrant who was able to draw on a core insight, placing it firmly at the centre of the idea before focussing on the digital execution (which in itself was crafted well with obvious consideration to the overall user experience).

Akhil Morjaria, Experience Strategy Director, TPXimpact