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New Blood Entry — Chant a lingo

Award: Yellow Pencil

Duolingo / 2022

65% of Premier League players are foreign, and by learning their native language, you can support them in a whole new way. By letting loyal fans sing chants to their favorite players in their language, Duolingo will now partner with the Premier League and aim to close the gap, to bring players and fans even closer.

What did the judges have to say?

"It's a really big and exciting idea. It has scale, and there's a multi-dimensionality beyond how it tackles the brief£engaging existing users in a really interesting way that's culturally resonant and global. There's a cross-pollination of sport, music, and fixing an additional problem (which was beyond the scope of the brief) with the sport and challenging issues of inclusion and diversity in a way that really makes you want to take part both as a user that may have lost their desire with learning a new language and you get this elegant and seamless halo effect with ravenous football fans who would eat this up. Tapping into an audience that is fiercely passionate about the beautiful game is really inspired thinking. There's so much potential for this idea."

Farai Dube, Brand Director, Wieden+Kennedy