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New Blood Entry — The Conscious Merch

Award: Graphite Pencil

Do the Green Thing / 2022

The concert merch industry promotes the impulsive buying of unneeded garments by taking advantage of the fact that fans love everything that their favorite bands do and like to keep memories from every show.
This leads to over 4.6 million t-shirts being sold annually at concerts, which translates to 9600 tons of CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, we don’t wear 50% of our closets.

Coldplay fights against climate change, that’s why on this year's tour they won't sell any merch. Instead, they’ll promote The Conscious Merch: a new way of selling fashion that turns any preowned garment into merch by stamping these with eco inks.

Our revolution will spread along with their world tour, and other bands will be invited to join our movement so that The Conscious Merch can disrupt the fashion industry.