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New Blood Entry — Saving the Bayou

Award: Yellow Pencil

Disney / 2022

My task was to use a Disney Princess (or Princesses) to evoke
confidence, kindness and courage for 3-5 year
old children via animated branded content for YouTube, and inspire them to imagine their own princess worlds and play.

To solve this, I contacted kindergartens around town to help me understand what made these kids like Disney and other children's programs so much. Which stories do they like best and what is it that goes home design-wise in children's programs?

Based on my research, I have created something I want to call a Disney princess mini series.
We will be able to follow disney princesses in their own everyday lives while they teach us something important. This pilot episode, where we follow Princess Tiana, teaches us that littering in nature is bad.

What did the judges have to say?

"The animation really spoke for itself on this project, it was very much an engaging coherent film that kept to the brief while pursuing environmental issues for the next generation. We loved its quirky tactile animation that followed themes of the YouTube video game era."

Tom Fisher, Director/Animator, Freelance

"I felt this work was based on a very progressive idea. It touched upon a topic of huge relevance in today's times - taking care of our immediate surroundings, our nature, our air, the flora and fauna. The weaving of Disney Princesses with this mission in a non-preachy way with absolute entertainment value seemed like a great take. The animatics shared as part of the pitch was almost a finished animation film, well styled and thoughtfully designed. For a pitch that was not paid for, the intent of the entrant resonates far and loud with the sincere efforts that went behind the making of this razor sharp pitch presentation."

Suresh Eriyat, Founder and Director, Studio Eeksaurus