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New Blood Entry — Make Room for Menopause

Award: Wood Pencil

The Case for Her & Refinery29 / 2021

Despite directly affecting half the population, the menopause remains as one of the most under diagnosed, under researched and under treated fields of medicine. The lack of education surrounding the menopause has led to 40% of pre-menopausal women surveyed feeling like they are not prepared for menopause and 26% of those women say they are not knowledgeable about the process at all.

Education is key to breaking up taboos, and with UK schools only adding menopause to the curriculum in 2020, we’ve got a lot do catching up to do.

Make Room for Menopause is a series of interactive pop-up room experiences tailored to teens, young adults and adults, aimed at breaking down all aspects of menopause. It’s a hands-on approach to learning, inspired by the way children tend to learn best - through play!