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New Blood Entry — Happy Meno-Day!

Award: Wood Pencil

The Case for Her & Refinery29 / 2021

Menopause is still a taboo and most women suffer from the way it’s covered in mainstream media.

Few of us even know that menopause is technically one day in the menopausal transition, the day that marks 12 months since the last period.

Celebrating the Meno-day encourages everybody to reconsider their vision of this life-stage. Women should not be ashamed, we should celebrate together.

By bringing positivity, we deconstruct people’s beliefs, educate relatives and allow menopausal women of all ages to finally feel comfortable with this transition.

Because the best way to end a taboo is to celebrate it.

What did the judges have to say?

"Happy Meno-Day is a fantastically original take on a typically overlooked topic. I love the excitement, the positivity, and the insight into how changing the perception of one day can turn a stigma into a celebration."

Josie Tucker, Creative Director, Adapt