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New Blood Entry — Mainstream Menopause

Award: Graphite Pencil

The Case for Her & Refinery29 / 2021

Knowledge and understanding of menopause remains incredibly low. Some of it is because it’s rarely showcased in mainstream media.

This only reinforces the social stigma around menopause which makes it hard to talk about.

To break the stigma we need to make it normal to see and talk about. We need to make it as mainstream as it is. Therefor will Refinery29 and The Case For Her team up with Netflix.

Refinery29 will collect real stories about menopause, based on these stories Refinery29 and Netflix's writers will create new extra scenes for wellknown Netflix productions, that will be launched within the series and films as secret drops for the viewers to discover.

Repositioning it, as what it really is and educate people of all ages and genders and make them talk about it.