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New Blood Entry — Face to Face

Award: Graphite Pencil

Fossil & MSL / 2021

Young people today spend a growing amount of time on their phones, with the average young person spending up to 10 hours scrolling through content. More often than not, the innocent glances at your phone (such as telling the time) lead down a rabbit hole of social media, wasting valuable minutes of the day.

Inspired by Fossil’s love for vintage, Face to Face is a variety of events that revolve around the concept of quality time.

By taking the phrase “time is money” to a new level, upon arrival you will be asked to put your phone into a locker, which from the minute you close the door starts counting. Any amount of time spent at these phone-free events can be clocked up and used as a new form of currency on Fossil watches. Allowing you to spend time literally and figuratively with Fossil.