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New Blood Entry — LEGO Six Brick Kit

Award: Yellow Pencil

The LEGO Group / 2020

In an age dominated by social causes and digital challenges, we were asked to find a way to get teens to start using LEGO again, on their terms. So what if LEGO could help teens save the one thing they care about the most? The planet.

80% of our carbon footprint comes from overconsumption, which means that we need to shift towards a culture focused on reusing.
Luckily, LEGO bricks can be reused. Six standard LEGO bricks can be combined in over 915 million ways.

We'll create the Six Brick Kit, so teens can use their imagination to build (and rebuild) products that they need or want. We'll also introduce a Tik-Tok challenge and takeover the world's top shopping destinations, allowing them to rebuild the world through creative resourcefulness.