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New Blood Entry — Rexona #MoveAgainstAnxiety

Award: Yellow Pencil

Rexona / 2019

The Rexona brief asked us to create an inspiring idea to get the world dancing.
Anxiety is becoming more prevalent within the youth. General anxiety disorders are 20 times more likely to occur than they were 30 years ago. By targeting young people who use tags such as #anxious, Rexona can create a campaign that encourages young people to dance to counteract anxiety. Rexona uses Motion Sense technology which activates when people move. This means that as young people dance, they will feel fresher and less anxious. Young people are encouraged to upload videos of themselves dancing. The five cities that are most engaged using the hashtags #MotionSense #MoveAgainstAnxiety will experience exclusive “Renoxa: Move Against Anxiety” dance parties which are fun events that teach the youth how to reduce anxiety symptoms through dance.