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New Blood Entry — #WhileIBleed

Award: Wood Pencil

McKinsey Design & The Case For Her / 2019

As a team of two women, we were all too familiar of the taboos surrounding menstruation that both of us had been raised in. Periods are rarely mentioned in popular media, and when menstruation is actually mentioned it is usually within a negative and degrading context. Although recent advances by menstrual health companies and the media have been gradually breaking down this taboo, we wanted to launch a campaign that not only breaks the stigma surrounding periods, but encourages menstruators to take pride and celebrate their resilience. We wanted to create a campaign that not only normalizes periods, but incorporates them into everyday conversation — perhaps the only way to effectively break down taboo cross culturally. The #WhileIBleed campaign offers effective opportunities to incorporate menstruation into cultural conversations and creates safe solidarity amongst menstruators. Ultimately, it not only changes the perception of periods — but transforms cultural conversation around it.